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Chef Stramm

Enjoy a high end burger experience unlike any other.

The beef is sourced solely by Chef Daniel Stramm and he has built the relationship with the ranch who raises our beef to the highest of standards with a Dr. & nutritionist on staff. The large green pastures create the perfect grazing ground to promote the highest quality of beef and of course the best burgerz available.

Experience our full-service Boujee Burgerz menu featuring locally sourced and delicious highlights such as:

  • Burgerz

Blue Cheese in My Off Whites – Carmalized onions, blue cheese, arugula, shallots

Sin City – Heritage egg, bacon, crispy potatos, cheese, marmalade

  • Friez

Caviar Friez – Hollandaise, creme fraich, shallots, chives

Fondue Friez – Beef fat cheese fondue, chives

Truffle Friez – Truffle fondue sauce, parmesan cheese, shaved black truffles, chives

  • Dezzertz

Doughnut holez – Choice of apple cinnamon, vanilla, smores, strawberry and more!

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